Speedpass Members Save 10 Cents Per Gallon

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PenFed Visa® Platinum Cash Rewards Card

Any Speedpass member can save 10 cents per gallon at Exxon and Mobile gas stations for 60 days or up to 100 gallons if they register for the Speedpass promotion at their website. This promotion is valid for both new and existing customers, that register before April 30th 2013. New customers need to sign up for the Speedpass and when the Speedpass device arrives, you can go ahead and register for the promotion and save $10 if you purchase the maximum amount of fuel allowed for this discount, which is 100 gallons.

This promotion can be combined with your regular cash back rewards for gas purchases. What you have to do is link the Speedpass to your favorite gas credit card, so your Speedpass purchases are deducted from this account. That means in addition to the 10 cents from Speedpass for 60 days or 100 gallons, you can also get 5% cash back on the same gas purchases if you link it to a card like the Penfed Visa Platinum Cash Rewards Card.

You can only use this promotion for one account per person, and it may not be combined with any other offers from Speedpass. You should allow a minimum of 90 days to receive your rebates. Get your Speedpass now, if you do not already have one, and get more cash back on your gas purchases.


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